We build and maintain professional web platforms

Software development / programming

Based on your requirements, we can develop and implement modern, web-based, dynamic, reliable and scalable solutions

Software development / programming


It won't be long until technology will be part of our DNA. Joking, of course, but that may not be far from the truth. Along with the development and fast release of current gadgets, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, the websites had to adapt to the changing reality, not as a fancy feature, but as a necessity.

The targeted client is changing so, as a consequence, the product or service has to follow, be available and easy to access. Based on your requirements, we can develop and program modern, web-based, dynamic, reliable and scalable software applications:

  • with or without the database, by using responsive technologies, depending on the screen they are viewed on(desktop pc, notebook, tablet, smartphone);
  • accessible via web browser, no matter the operating system;
  • secure, without security bugs (SQL / HTML injection, XSS etc);
  • with a content management system(CMS) for easy update and maintenance;
  • in a modular way, for future developments that were not included in the initial specifications;
  • with automated response systems and technical support;
  • with reading capabilities for any type of files(text, image, multimedia audio / video files etc);
  • based on databases that are compatible with the existing ones, making it easy to interconnect with other applications(CRM, ERP etc);
  • with a monitoring and reporting system, activity, traffic, page views information etc;
  • with local / external backup systems;

We develop software applications mainly by using the LAMP(Linux / Apache / MySql / PHP); in this way, our clients benefit from certain advantages: zero licensing costs, low server maintenance costs, low further development costs, reasonably priced hardware platforms.

These software applications can be ported on most of the relational database types: Microsoft SQL, SQLlite, PostgreSQL, ORACLE etc.
For website development we use: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Flash, jQuery, Bootstrap.

Installation and open source scripts personalization (GPL)

An important service for some of our clients(mainly individuals / authorized individuals or IMM) is the possibility for installing and open source platform(together with specialized modules) from the following categories:
  • e-commerce / virtual shop: Magento, Prestashop, OSC, ZenCart, Opencart;
  • blog, presentation website, CMS – Wordpress, Joomla, Typoo, Drupal, Episerver
  • forum – PHPBB, SMF, vBulletin;
  • WiKi, chat