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Search engine optimization / SEO



Optimizing the websites for search engines(mainly Google, used by over 90% of the internet users in Romania) or SEO is an extremely important service. It's goal is placing the website as high as possible in the resulting sites list of search engines(on the first page, even on the first places) by certain search criteria. In this way, user traffic from search engines will become relevant and will generate more actions from visitors(clicks, page openings, orders, information requests etc). A well-made optimization service(SEO) will generate better results than a much costlier online marketing campaign.

SEO for a website is done by taking into account the competition in the client's area of activity and his business domain. Our services follow current best practice rules in web development, in this way analyzing and providing:

  • The website's current situation by following it's positioning by keywords and the quality of it's source code; current search engine performance analysis; competition analysis.
  • Recommendations for producing and/or modifying (text) content, for the website's structure or even for it's source code;
  • Development and implementation for optimization strategies(keywords, optimal density, relevance etc); continuous multimedia content processing, relevant text content improvement.
  • Increasing the web page's importance(PageRank) by link building campaigns(external link building).
  • URL-friendly addresses, optimized for search engines.
  • Updating relevant content, with a frequency fitted for the client's domain.

The results of a SEO process are visible in time, usually from 1 to 6 months from the implementation, but it's efficiency is a long-term result. Important recommendation: the search engine optimization process has to be a permanent concern right from the planning stage of the project! The achievement of a good position has to be maintained by SEO consolidation actions that follow the steps above.

Why choose a website developped byWeb Activ?
Because our products are developped by following web optimization best practices: 'clean' and simple source code, for a fast and error free website load time, a good ratio of text content and images, tags adding possibility.
Most of our services incorporate by default the components needed for online optimization, without the need for later SEO packages and additional high costs. The results are visible from the first weeks, the clients that are working with us for more than 1 year can confirm that more than 50% of their total traffic comes from Google! You are welcome to visit our portfolio and ask for a personalized website SEO offer.