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Intranet / Extranet

Intranet / Extranet

What is an intranet?
Raising the information volumen and resorces of the companies or other type of organization has driven to the necessity of developing internal tools.

The intranet is a private virtual space that provides the employees of a company the possibility of organising and accessing very fast the information, collaborate more efficient and using other internal applications. Information, project and data management is done online and is based on internet protocols and web browsers. The access is done by using an user and a password, on different levels of access rights. An intranet is usefull and can be installed in any kind of organizations: small, medium or large corporate, teaching institutions, gouvernamental and administrative institutions.

What are the functionalities of an intranet?

Informative – provide the members specific or general information, such as:
  • General information regarding the company (history, mission, structure, management, society involvement;
  • Internal and external phone numbers and email;
  • Jobs available and promotion announcements;
  • Internal newsletter;
  • Future events grouped in a calendar;
  • Document library of the company: procedures, forms, mailing templates, etc;
  • Other general information updated from different sources: course, weather forecast, online dictionaries, press, stocks evolution, etc.
Communication and collaboration – have the role of substituting old communication ways, such as fax or phone and to provide a shared workspace. Files can be transferred online, can be edited and tracked depending on each user’s access rights. An instant messenger application supports a better internal communication in real time.

Human resources (HR) and recruiting – can manage the employees’ database with personal information, phone numbers, evaluations. The department can publish and maintain the new jobs offers with characteristics and demands and can offer the employees eLearning facilities (training materials, test, online questionnaires).

Business facilities– amoung these we can include: taking and managing orders, managing, status and delivery of the products. The products’ database can also be managed individually and cand add the flyers, prospects and documentation to the products.

The costs for a intranet applications are small compared to the benefits and the savings:
  • Rising work efficiency through fast access to information.
  • A more fluid information transfer.
  • Better control and update on the employees’ activities.
  • Unitar security of the data and other integrated apllications.

The Extranet extends the access of the corporate content (information and services) to a certain number of external members of the corporation (clients, suppliers, consultants etc). It can integrate a client ticketing system for orders and product information.

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