We build and maintain professional web platforms

About us

We define ourselves as a consolidated and stable team for over 10 years, composed of specialists in programming, web design and software projects management

About us



Who we are

If you are reading this, we already know what you are looking for. Simply put, professionals who can provide not only products and services, but also advice. That being said, you arrived at the right place, this is what we do. We are a romanian software company based in Bucharest. 

We are a unified and stable team, with over 10 years of experience in programming, web design and software projects management.

What we do

If you are wondering what we do on a daily basis, the answer is very simple and precise, the same way we like to work: programming, web design and web development. We have experience of various online projects which incorporate our own values: inovation, responsability, quality and speed of execution. To us, performance management is not only a fancy term.

How we do it

Speaking of actual projects, you are probably wondering what we worked on so far. Our portfolio of web-based applications contains reliable, flexible and scalable products for corporate websites, online shops, portals, intranet, email marketing. All you have is an idea? We think that this is the most important thing for the beginning, but the hard part is putting it all together. This is where we step in.

We provide you with a complete solution that starts with specialized online consulting. We begin by analizing your requirements, continue with planning, designing, developing, implementing the application, purchasing the internet domain and providing the hosting for the website on one of our services.

Further maintenance costs are optimized, every web-based project is delivered with an online management interface which gives the user acces to it's content through a CMS(Content Management System).

We know how to increase website traffic through search engines(Google), by following the basic principles in usability and website optimization(SEO).

Who we worked with

During our 9 years of experience, technologies have changed, various products and applications emerged on the global market. Despite this, there will be one thing about us that will never change: the long lasting good impression that we are trying to leave on the people who requested our services. This can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.