We build and maintain professional web platforms
11 years of experience

we develop and maintain professional web platform, we provide full service web design, website creation, programming, production software, online services and cloud.

Software development / programming

Based on your requirements, we can develop modern, web-based, dynamic, reliable and scalable solutions. These applications are secure, browser compatible and can connect with other specialized software(ERP, CRM etc).

Web development / Web design

Ideas, images, words: this is the essence of your online presence and the creative concept of any website. From planning to implementing, our web design team and online content experts are constantly working together on projects that build reputation and deliver useful information.

Website maintenance and management

No matter how well it is made or promoted, any website needs new content and updated information. We know how valuable your time is, that's why we offer content update, maintenance and management services.


Lemontask keeps all your information related to tasks, projects and people in a unified environment.
Regardless of the number of projects, informations about them or number of people involved in those projects, Lemontaks helps you organise everything in a simple way.

  • Manage and assign tasks

    Keep your tasks organised by project managers, deadlines, using budgets and estimations.

  • Work together with your team

    Split, assign, discuss, add files and notes to your tasks together with authorised users.

  • Who is it addressed to

    Service providers(agencies, marketing, branding, repairs, maintenance, lawyers, translators, insurance companies, consulting, rentals, mediators, notaries etc);

  • Perfect for

    Recommended for managers (project, operation, department managers) and teams.


Web Activ a dezvoltat pentru service auto Tunari - Reco Planet 94 o varianta de website responsiva ce prezinta serviciile de diagnoza si mecanica auto, revizii si inspectii tehnice periodice (ITP), revizii instalatie climatizare, reconditionari planetare, service roti si tractari auto.

Clientii beneficiaza de o experienta de navigare optimizata, potrivita ecranului folosit, pot cere o oferta si solicita o programare online folosind formularele de pe site.


We have proven, during our 10 years of experience, that we are a trustworthy partner for web projects from various domains,
from small to more complex ones: